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Binh Thanh ancient tower is the only ancient tower still maintain the appearance, the wall, the door intact, so it supports a valuable ancient heritage valuable with Vietnam visa for travelers to learn about religion, beliefs, spiritual life, and culture and architecture of the ancient. Overlooking, the tower is built on a square brick floor, each side is 5m long, counting to the highest point at the top, the tower is 10m high. The architecture of the ancient tower of Oc Vo Eo is built in four directions, in which the main wall of the building is facing east, the other three facing west, south and north. mosaic floating door imitation.
The main door and three false doors are built, with similar motifs and motifs. The main door has a door made of large stone carved with chrysanthemum, size 0.8x 2m, attached to the door. Two doors are also made from stone slabs, embossed two exquisite sculptures, unique. The walls of Binh Thanh Tower are left intact, solid, showing the reconciliation of the ancient in construction techniques. With the recessed fish back and forth, and smaller as it reaches the top, creating beautiful angular angles.